October 6, 2017

Reminder – You are required to write a minimum of 350 words each week. Adding an image of something you have designed/created that you discuss in your blog is worth five points extra credit!

Juniors – Illustrator: Chapters 11 – 13, Vectoring a Logo, Breast Cancer Awareness Door Decorating
1. Reflect on Illustrator chapters 11 – 13.
2. Reflect on how you are doing or have done with vectoring the OBM Logo.
3. Reflect on what your part of the door decorating.
4. Reflect on your other classes.
5. You may reflect on the articles below!

Seniors –  Senior Mastery, Breast Cancer Awareness Door Decorating, SCHAC Logo
1. Reflect on everything you worked on this week for your senior mastery.
2. Reflect on the part you are playing in the door decoration for Breast Cancer Awareness.
3. reflect on your final design for the Human Affairs Commission.
4. You may reflect on the articles below.

25 Logo Design Tips from the Experts

Logo Design and Branding

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