December 8, 2017

Reminder – You are required to write a minimum of 350 words each week. Adding an image of something you have designed/created that you discuss in your blog is worth five points extra credit!

Juniors – Photoshop, Planning for Final Exam Candy Bar Project
1. Reflect on what you learned this week in Photoshop from the book/videos.
2. Reflect what you worked on Wednesday.
3. Who and what occasion will you make your candy bar wrapper for?
4. What did you learn on your own outside of school related to the major this week?

Seniors – Senior Mastery, Internship Agreement
1. Reflect on everything you worked on this week for your senior mastery in school and outside of school.
2. How is your internship agreement coming along?
3. What quote did you choose for your typography poster and why did you chose it?
5. Share the best thing you learned this week that was not assigned to you to learn.

***Extra: Top 100 Photography Blogs   

You will probably have to look at these at home or on a personal device.


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